Friday, 23 October 2009

Publication of IIPD (3rd Edition)

In the effort to contribute to the promotion of the Indonesian intellectual property system to the international community, in 2006 I published the first edition of a book with a title "Indonesian Intellectual Property Directory - IIPD". The second edition and a special edition of IIPD were published in 2008. IIPD has so far been the most complete reference (in the English language) about intellectual property system in Indonesia. It contains a lot of information, from laws to statistics, which is needed by foreign stakeholders who want to know how intellectual property system operates and develops in Indonesia.

The publication of IIPD is mainly aimed for non commercial purposes. The books were distributed for free to various stakeholders both in Indonesia as well as overseas. In Indonesia, they were sent to foreign embassies, international organizations, chambers of commerce, ministers, universities and other IP related organizations and associations. For the international community, the books were sent to IP offices including WIPO, WTO, APEC Secretariat, ASEAN Secretariat, and other international organizations. They were also sent to the Indonesian embassies throughout the world (with the courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta).

The third edition of IIPD is now being finalized and will be released before the end of 2009. The book will be updated with a lot of information about intellectual property in Indonesia in the last one year.

For those who are interested to support and contribute to the publication of IIPD (third edition) please contact me at

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